Text Commission takes night shift

More than 1,200 amendments to the final text of the World Synod

Vatikanstadt - Before the final text of the World Synod can be adopted on Saturday, the text commission still has to consider many amendments: More than 1,200 were submitted by the synod members. The commission members have a night shift ahead of them.

Published  on 27.10.2023 at 17:01  – 

The World Synod in the Vatican is entering its final phase with a night shift for the Text Commission. As the Vatican communications director Paolo Ruffini announced on Friday afternoon, 1,125 amendments from the working groups and 126 individual motions have to be processed. However, many of these are almost identical, so that the number will be significantly reduced. The final version will be decided by the commission with an absolute majority and sent to the synods on Saturday morning.

It would then be read out at thefinal plenary meeting on Saturday afternoon and voted on paragraph by paragraph. For each paragraph, a two-thirds majority of votes in favour of the members present would be required; abstentions would not be possible.

According to the Vatican, the Synod did not decide on the further procedure, but collected proposals from the participants. Accordingly, it is only certain that there will be a second session of the World Synod on synodality in October 2024. (KNA)