Some people find celibacy difficult

Cardinal Hollerich: More vocations possible for priests through marriage

Luxemburg - Quite a few priests find it difficult to live a celibate life, says Jean-Claude Hollerich, papal adviser and Archbishop of Luxembourg. That is why they should be given the choice – especially in Europe this could make a difference.

Published  on 22.02.2024 at 11:24  – 

Jean-Claude Hollerich, Cardinal of Luxembourg and member of the Council of Cardinals, has spoken out in favour of the possibility of marriage for priests. "There are people who find it difficult to live a celibate life. If you gave them the choice, you could attract a few more to the priesthood," Hollerich told the Luxembourg daily newspaper "L'Essentiel" (Monday). "In Europe, these 'few' could make a difference."

The Church needs to be understood by people again, "because the times we live in have changed phenomenally", the cardinal continued. With regard to the blessing of homosexual and remarried couples advocated by Pope Francis, among other things, Hollerich emphasised that he was "absolutely in line with the Pope". Like Pope Francis, he sees himself as a "sinner" and therefore does not want to condemn anyone.

Hollerich is Archbishop of Luxembourg and one of Pope Francis' advisors on his nine-member Council of Cardinals. At the World Synod, which enters its second round this autumn, the Luxembourg cardinal is the General Relator and Content Coordinator. (mtr)