The new Archbishop of Washington, Gregory Wilton, is the first African-American to occupy this episcopal see.
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Wilton: His Dealing with the issue is problematic

US cardinal criticises Joe Biden for his stance on abortion

Washington - After John F. Kennedy, US President Joe Biden is the second Catholic in the history of the USA to hold the highest office of state. However, his relationship with the bishops has been strained since he took office. Criticism has now come from the Washington Cardinal.

Published  on 02.04.2024 at 11:57  – 

The Archbishop of Washington, Cardinal Wilton Gregory, has accused US President Joe Biden of twisting aspects of faith for his political advantage. Although Biden is serious about his faith, he only emphasises certain aspects while ignoring or even contradicting others, Gregory said on Sunday in the "Face the Nation" programme on the US television channel "Fox News". In the past, Gregory said, these Catholics were also called "cafeteria Catholics", "who choose what is attractive and reject what is challenging".

When asked which aspects of the faith Biden was ignoring, the Washington Cardinal mentioned "life issues". Despite his admiration for the US President, he criticised him above all for his stance on abortion. He wished that Biden would express his personal faith more clearly on these issues. "There are things, especially on life issues, that Biden prefers to ignore or use the current situation as political leverage," said the Washington cardinal. It would be better if Biden said what the Church believes and teaches and what he himself would like to believe as a "good Catholic", instead of twisting these aspects to his own political advantage.

After John F. Kennedy, Joe Biden is the second Catholic in the history of the USA to hold the highest office of state. Since taking office, however, the US President has had a strained relationship with the Catholic Church. Biden advocates a more liberal regulation of abortion, for which he has been criticised several times by the US bishops' conference. A possible refusal of communion has been discussed repeatedly since then. (mtr)