Well-known Benedictine monk was 83 years old

Former abbot primate Notker Wolf dies

Sankt Ottilien - He was one of Germany's best-known monks and worked for 16 years as Abbot Primate and thus the highest representative of the Benedictines: Notker Wolf has now died. He was 83 years old.

Published  on 03.04.2024 at 11:14  – 

The senior abbot of St Ottilien, Notker Wolfis dead. On Wednesday, the Archabbey of St Ottilien announcedthat the former Benedictine abbot primate passed away on his way back to his monastery from Italy. "May he be in the glory of the Risen Lord for all his rich and beneficial work in this world!", the short message reads. Wolf was 83 years old.

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Notker Wolf was one of the best-known monks in Germany. From 1977 to 2000, he was Archabbot of St Ottilien and thus Abbot President of the Ottilian Congregation of Missionary Benedictines. Abbot Primate of the Benedictine Confederation and thus the worldwide union of Benedictine monasteries. As Abbot Primate, he headed the Primatial Abbey of Sant'Anselmo in Rome. Since his retirement in 2016, he has lived in the Archabbey of Sankt Ottilien again. During his tenure as Archabbot and Abbot Primate, he founded new monasteries and social institutions worldwide, including the construction of hospitals in China and North Korea. The monk was involved in interreligious dialogue and is the author of numerous books. He was known to the general public as a guest on talk shows, controversial political thinker and as a rock musician. He performed regularly with the hard rock band "Feedback", including as a support act for "Deep Purple".

Wolf, whose baptismal name is Werner, entered the monastery of St Ottilien in 1961 and was given the religious name Notker. He studied philosophy, theology, zoology, inorganic chemistry and the history of astronomy in Rome and Munich. From 1971, the doctor of philosophy taught natural philosophy and philosophy of science at the Pontifical College of Sant'Anselmo in Rome. St Ottilien Abbey has announced that the requiem and funeral will be celebrated in St Ottilien next Saturday at 10.30 am. (fxn)