Pontiff has never been diplomatic

Report: Pope Francis knows about his problem with swear words

Vatican City - A non-public statement by the Pope about homosexuals in seminaries recently caused a stir and numerous reactions. He distanced himself from the term. Now a good friend of Francis is chatting about his language.

Published  on 07.06.2024 at 12:51  – 

A good friend of Pope Francis from Argentina has commented on the way Francis occasionally expresses himself in non-public situations. Francis knows that he has a problem with swear words, the man, who wished to remain anonymous, told the news agency "Reuters" on Thursday. "He calls himself 'bocon', which (from Spanish) means someone who can't keep his mouth shut," said the Argentinian friend, who has known the pontiff for more than 30 years and is homosexual. Francis had never been diplomatic, so it was surprising that something like this had not happened much earlier.

The Argentinian friend recalled, among other things, that when Francis went to Ireland to learn English in the 1980s, his teachers were horrified by the way he occasionally used picked-up swear words in class. Nevertheless, for a man of his generation, Francis has "come a long way in terms of openness towards LGBT people", it continues. The head of the church grew up in a very conservative family, in which divorced people and even more so homosexuals were considered social outcasts. The Argentinian friend therefore praised Francis for his support of registered partnerships and his quiet efforts to help the victims of homophobic crimes in Argentina in the 1990s, when "it was dangerous to be gay".

Recently, at a non-public meeting with Italian bishops, the Pope warned that there was too much homophobia in the seminaries. there was too much "faggotry" in the seminaries. After these words were first publicised in the Italian and then the international media the Pope distanced himself from this statement. The Vatican published an official apology and emphasised that the Pope had not intended to offend anyone. (mtr)