After Pope Francis' keynote speeches on social policy

Vatican employees demand more social security

Vatican City - Vatican employees have privileges such as tax-free petrol or cheap housing. But there is one thing they do not have: the right to strike. Nevertheless, their employee representatives are active. They like to take the Pope at his word.

Published  on 08.07.2024 at 16:16  – 

One day after Pope Francis' keynote speeches on social policy in Trieste, the so-called Vatican Labour Union has called for the consistent implementation of the Pope's words in the Vatican. In a statement published on Monday by the Association of Vatican Employees (ADLV), it states that the Pope's words at the Social Weeks of Catholics are also a guideline for the Vatican Employees' Association.

Although it has always sought dialogue, it has often not even been listened to on the other side, according to the ADLV. Some authorities apparently perceive the representation of employees' interests as a disruptive factor. In the words of the Pope, they are "truly on the way" to creating a better working environment. However, some reforms are apparently imminent that could have an impact on working life in the Vatican. These include strict control of expenditure, which could lead to outsourcing. It is therefore necessary to strengthen the role of the Vatican labour office ULSA so that it can intervene efficiently in upcoming implementations. The association announced that it would continue to campaign for better employment contracts, better protection for families and inflation compensation for salaries.

The ADLV claims to have around 600 members, but does not have the right to strike. Improvements in working conditions are usually achieved through talks with those responsible for the various bodies in the Vatican. Due to financial bottlenecks, working conditions have deteriorated to some extent during Pope Francis' pontificate. However, the head of state of the Vatican has so far always rejected redundancies for social reasons. (KNA)