"Immense material damage", church in danger of collapse

Lorry driver in Austria deliberately rams into church – religious motive

Vienna - A lorry driver has deliberately rammed into a church building in Austria several times. The damage was "immense" and the church is in danger of collapsing. The perpetrator also told investigators about his motive.

Published  on 09.07.2024 at 12:41  – 

A lorry driver has rammed the building of a Pentecostal church in Austria several times and with intent. As reported by the portal"heute.at" (Tuesday), the 32-year-old drove his twelve-tonne vehicle at high speed into the church in the small town of Brunn am Gebirge. The Romanian citizen was not under the influence of alcohol, but had acted with full intent.

According to the police, nobody was injured, but there was "immense material damage". The church building is in danger of collapsing. According to reports, the perpetrator is said to have spoken to investigators about his motive. He cited religious reasons for the offence: the church had destroyed his life. The man is said to have been conspicuous there a few weeks ago - he tore up a Bible in a rage. (KNA)