Attack on Francis in Trieste?

Investigation into possible planned papal assassination

Rome - On Sunday, Pope Francis visited Trieste and celebrated an open-air service there. The police and intelligence services are now investigating a possible assassination attempt on the head of the church.

Published  on 10.07.2024 at 09:41  – 

Police and intelligence services in Italy are investigating a possible plot to assassinate Pope Francis during his visit to Trieste on Sunday. As the Italian television programme RAI reported on its main news programme on Tuesday evening, citing police sources, a man had left a suitcase in a station bar in Trieste the day before the Pope's arrival and then left. The police, alerted by a tip-off from bar staff, found a handgun with ammunition and unused clothing in the suitcase.

The broadcaster showed a surveillance video of the incident. In addition to the police, an anti-terrorist unit and secret service forces are also involved in the investigation. The day after the unexplained incident, the Pope had celebrated an open-air service in the main square of the harbour city of Trieste in north-eastern Italy. He used an open electric vehicle to get around. (KNA)