"Don't worry, the Pope will still be well guarded"

Swiss Guard has fun at German theme park

Rust - Pope's guards on the rollercoaster: The Vatican's Swiss Guard has chosen Europa-Park in Rust as the destination for its annual outing. But Pope Francis does not remain unguarded.

Published  on 10.07.2024 at 11:11  – 

The Pope's bodyguard relaxes at Europa-Park in Rust near Freiburg. The occasion is this year's company outing for the Swiss Guard. "Don't worry, the Pope will still be well guarded," assured the commander, Colonel Christoph Graf, on Wednesday. Some of the 135 Swiss Guards remained in the Vatican. 88 of the men are travelling in three separate groups for the annual excursion. Otherwise, they are on guard duty at the entrances to the Vatican in their blue, yellow and red uniforms.

The guardsmen travelled with their families, according to reports. They were particularly impressed by a rollercoaster there. The bodyguards have already visited the facility in the past. The guard's traditional uniform is also on display at Europa-Park.

According to Graf, the requirements for members of the Swiss Guard are high: "You have to be a Swiss citizen, Catholic, have completed military service and have completed an apprenticeship or have a high school diploma. The standard height is 1.74 metres and you need a good reputation, which must be confirmed by the local priest." He couldn't imagine a better job. (KNA)